Numotion & LUCI Announce Distribution Agreement

Numotion has signed an agreement to distribute the LUCI power wheelchair sensor system in the United States.

In a Dec. 8 news announcement, Numotion lauded LUCI’s smart technology, which enables power chair users to navigate various environments and terrains with greater safety and confidence.

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Numotion’s CEO, Mike Swinford, said, “LUCI is the most interesting, truly innovative CRT [Complex Rehab Technology] product to come to market for some time. It takes ‘smart wheelchair’ to a whole new level. This groundbreaking technology opens doors to independence for wheelchair users and parents/caregivers who have safety concerns regarding power mobility. We are thrilled to embark on this partnership and look forward to being able to offer this new technology to customers.”

LUCI was co-founded by brothers Barry and Jered Dean as a way to support Barry’s daughter Katherine, who has used a power wheelchair for much of her life. LUCI was recently named one of the year’s top 100 inventions by Time magazine.

While LUCI is indeed a sensor system that detects obstacles in a power chair’s path, it’s also capable of far more. LUCI can detect tip-over dangers, for instance. The system can securely and safely collect and communicate information about, for example, battery usage and when a battery needs to be charged. And LUCI can be configured to keep pace with changing needs — for example, when the power wheelchair user begins to have slower reaction times when using the power chair’s controls. The MyLUCI app enables LUCI users to view their data and share it, at their discretion, with family members or clinicians.

“We are thrilled to offer this game-changing product for power wheelchair users, providing personalized solutions including collision avoidance, drop-off protection, and anti-tipping alerts,” said John Pryles, Numotion’s Executive VP of Sales. “LUCI’s collision avoidance provides protection to users while allowing them greater independence, fewer accidents and fewer costly chair repairs. LUCI is the kind of forward-thinking innovation our customers want and deserve.”

Numotion’s roster of more than 500 ATPs will now have access to LUCI’s educational materials and resources. LUCI officially launched in July after being in development for more than three years.

Barry Dean, LUCI’s CEO, said of the new agreement, “LUCI is excited to partner with Numotion in bringing new wheelchair technologies to the forefront. This is a momentous step for our company and the industry. The entire Numotion team is incredibly focused on serving its customers’ needs. From the very beginning, they understood and immediately recognized the many ways LUCI improves the driving experience. We’re looking forward to working with Numotion as we reimagine wheelchair mobility and bring real-world solutions to users.”

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