Ability Members Group: 59 Apply for NRRTS Registration

The Ability Members Group, a network of home medical equipment providers in Canada, said 59 of its members have applied for registration with the National Registry of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers (NRRTS).

In a Dec. 14 news announcement, Ability Members Group said the 59 rehabilitation technology specialists applied for NRRTS registration “for its recently launched Canadian standard.”

In November, the Canadian Assistive Devices Association (CADA) announced it was partnering with NRRTS. Erin Roberts, CADA’s Executive Director, said in the news announcement, “The complex rehabilitation technology industry in Canada is thriving, and our partnership with NRRTS will enable us to ensure that we can provide the highest levels of service to our clients and partners while maintaining a level of professionalism and knowledge that having a NRRTS designation requires.”

Jamie Church, CEO of Ability Members Group, said of the NRRTS registration news, “When it comes to Complex Rehab Technology and related services, being able to identify trained and qualified providers ensures that you’re dealing with the right people. That confidence is important whether you’re a consumer, caregiver, clinician or third-party payor.”

Weesie Walker, NRRTS’s Executive Director, said, “NRRTS registrants are expected to promote the highest standard of ethical conduct. It is great to see the so many members from the Ability Members Group interested in securing this designation, that demonstrates owner commitments to enabling staff to provide the highest level of care.”

Ability Members Group currently has 74 HME and CRT provider member locations throughout Canada and has grown rapidly in 2020.


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