New Podcast: A Conversation with Numotion’s Justin Richardson

Justin Richardson, Mobility Management’s latest podcast guest, is a longtime user of Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) seating and wheeled mobility. He’s also an industry veteran from a professional perspective, having worked as an ATP supplier and now serving as Numotion’s Director of Advocacy Strategy and the Executive Director of the Numotion Foundation.

Mobility Management’s latest podcast taps into Richardson’s perspective as both a CRT professional and a consumer of CRT… not to mention as a single dad raising a young daughter.

In the podcast, Richardson answers questions on a range of topics, including the lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people with disabilities and his fears that medical care is being rationed in parts of the country stretched to the limit.

“There’s high-impact areas where life-and-death decisions or the decision to treat someone or not treat someone in regard to COVID is maybe based on a perceived quality of life,” he explained. “Who’s making those decisions, and why is someone else’s perception of what my quality of life is going to be the determining factor of whether or not I receive care? It is scary.”

Mobility Management Editor Laurie Watanabe asked Richardson why people with disabilities can find self-advocacy a challenge.

Richardson talked about the complexity of issues addressed by policy makers and legislators, and also about the importance of advocacy: “An advocate’s greatest strength is two-fold: It’s their presence and their story. No one but you is a subject matter expert on your story.

“I truly believe there are few barriers to advocacy. If you are able to communicate in any way, you are capable of advocacy.”

Richardson also talked about raising his daughter to be part of a more inclusive and compassionate next generation, and how people with disabilities can play a key role in their education: “I think the best thing we can do is be present in all aspects of society.”

Listen to Richardson’s podcast and check out Mobility Management’s podcast library on the Mobility Management Web site. Podcasts are also available on iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher.

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