AEL Adds Virtual In-Services to Educational Offerings

Learning about new seating and positioning products — or getting details on existing products — has been more challenging than usual since the COVID-19 pandemic began sharply limiting in-person meetings.

But Adaptive Engineering Lab (AEL) has an answer: new virtual in-services.

In a Feb. 1 news announcement, the company said, “During a time of isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, AEL is virtually bringing members of the industry together by starting a series of virtual in-services where companies can learn more about AEL’s complex rehab products.”

The virtual in-services are part of the AEL U Online program, which also offers on-demand educational videos that provide viewers “all the information you need to become comfortable with the product within 12 minutes or less.”

But just as with face-to-face in-services, AEL’s new virtual in-services give attendees the chance to speak directly to AEL staffers and ask questions live.

AEL Sales Representative Mara Obermeier and Account Success Specialist Megan Weigold will host the in-services and will demonstrate products such as AirLogics, Hip Belts, POSAlinc Knee Adductors, Omnilink Lateral Brackets and other various arm, leg and foot supports.

Attendees also have the opportunity to ask Obermeier and Weigold to include other AEL products and applications in the in-services.

For example, staff in a pediatric clinic can ask for demonstrations of positioning products designed for children. Or an in-service attended by rehab techs can be adjusted to focus on understanding hardware and how to make seating and positioning adjustments using AEL products.

And in-services are structured to be interactive, with plenty of opportunities for attendees to ask questions.

Alexis Kopca, AEL’s Director of Marketing, said of the virtual in-services, “Our customers are always a top priority, and we want to ensure that we have services available that are beneficial to them. Any other year, this would be the time we’re attending tradeshows, but due to the pandemic, there’s a halt on traveling for everyone. These virtual in-services will not only serve an educational purpose, but will also be a way to engage with others beyond a phone call.”

Virtual in-services run about 30 minutes long and are free of charge for AEL customers. Contact your AEL rep for more information or to schedule your session.


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