Sunrise Medical Launches Q300 M Mini Power Chair

Sunrise Medical has officially introduced the Q300 M Mini power wheelchair, designed to nimbly maneuver through crowded and narrow environments.

Sunrise Medical's Q300 M Mini power chair

The mid-wheel-drive chair has a 17-inch turning radius without footplates and “turns on the spot,” Sunrise said in a Feb. 22 news announcement. In addition to that small turning radius, the Q300 M Mini has a turning circle of just 33.7 inches to make maneuvering in super-close spaces, such as elevators, more efficient.

Because its base weighs just 111 lbs., the Q300 M Mini is “light enough to be used with most lifts,” the announcement said. Seat-to-floor height starts at just 16.5 inches to maximize the chair’s ability to fit under tables and to fit into the driver’s seats of wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

Seating teams can choose from the simple and adjustable SEDEO Lite or the highly configurable SEDEO Pro seating systems. The minimalist design of SEDEO Lite makes it ideal for many hitch-mounted lifts, while the SEDEO Pro provides wide-ranging flexibility regarding cushions and positioning options and accessories. Both systems offer the C-Me seat elevation option, which provides up to 12 inches of elevation while the chair is driving up to 3 mph.

Jeff Rogers, Sunrise Medical’s Director of Power Product Management, said, “The Q300 M Mini is the perfect power chair for anyone who lives in a small place or needs to get around in tight areas, like their kitchen. It packs a lot of features found on much larger chairs into a small package. The 17-inch turning radius will really make the difference for many clients.”

Sunrise has also launched JAY Swing-Away Thoracic Laterals, which the manufacturer says provide improved locking strength in a slim profile. Two pivot points on the laterals provide more than 100mm of adjustment.


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