Invacare & Alber Launch Next-Generation e-motion Power Assist

Invacare Corp. and Alber have launched the next generation of the venerable e-motion power-assist system.

Alber e-motion M25 side view

Fans of the in-hub e-motion will find the new M25 version to be stronger, faster, and more powerful than the previous M15 system introduced in 2008.

In a March 1 news announcement, Invacare and Alber said the new e-motion boasts motor and battery improvements that give the system 33 percent more power. That extra power also means e-motion now has a higher weight capacity of 330 lbs., up 15 percent from the previous system.

The new e-motion is also 41 percent quicker than before: It has a top speed of 5.3 mph and a range of up to 15.5 miles per charge, so e-motion owners can travel with confidence.

A smartphone app further expands e-motion’s abilities: Consumers can use the cruise mode, for example, to set e-motion at a constant speed so they can just steer and brake as needed. e-motion’s assisted braking system offers additional support while moving downhill and features a patented roll-back delay.

And all of these improvements are accomplished in a lighter-weight package: e-motion weighs 17 lbs. per wheel, down from 23 lbs. for the previous e-motion.

Joost Beltman, Invacare’s Senior VP and General Manager, North America, said in the announcement “Alber continues to pave the way of an innovative culture at Invacare. With our second launch in less than a year, we are further strengthening our comprehensive portfolio of power-assist devices. From our previous introduction of the SMOOV one, to the Alber twion, e-fix and now the new e-motion, we are providing the power of choice to our customers.”

Sebastian Zitzler, Director of Alber, added, “We started on our journey to create the next-generation e-motion solution by listening to our customers. Universally, they told us they wanted a power-assist device that was lighter and more powerful, and we are proud to deliver a unique and superior solution that will address their needs. We are confident that current and future customers will appreciate the improvements we’ve made.”

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