Even More Powerful: What’s New in Power Assist


Permobil eSmartDrive MX2

Permobil SmartDrive MX2+ and PushTracker E2

The SmartDrive power-assist system from Permobil keeps getting easier and quicker to set up and use. Late last year, Permobil announced that the PushTracker E2, the wearable companion device for the SmartDrive MX2+, would include pre-installed apps. Ben Hemkens, Permobil’s Director of Product Management, said in the December 2020 announcement, “The PushTracker E2 that controls the SmartDrive device can now be set up in just minutes without needing Wi-Fi or a phone — that’s 90 percent quicker than before. Thanks to feedback, we’ve also improved the wireless updates and overall performance of the smart wearable and app.”

The MX2+ and PushTracker apps deliver notifi cations to the consumer “to promote optimal health for manual wheelchair users,” Permobil said. The apps will alert a user when new “personal records” for distance traveled and coast time are set, and will also notify wheelchair users if their push count is above average. Making wheelchair users aware of how much they’re pushing can help them to make more informed decisions on how to use their SmartDrive units to conserve energy. permobil.com


Batac Scrambler

Batec Scrambler 2

In June, Spanish manufacturer Batec announced upgrades to its Batec Scrambler 2, including new electronics “that optimize engine performance and always provide maximum power at any speed and on any terrain, allowing high speeds to be maintained even on very steep climbs.” Batec added the new version of the Scrambler has “even more biker aesthetic,” as well as “improved safety.” Batec’s other models include the compact Batec Mini 2 and the Batec Rapid 2, reduced in footprint compared to its predecessor. Batec is headquartered in Barcelona: batec-mobility.com/en


Cheelcare Companion Plus

Cheelcare Companion Plus

This Canadian manufacturer introduced the Companion Plus front-mount power-assist device in May. Cheelcare says the new model is an “enhanced version” of its original Companion system and is designed to fit pediatric and adult folding or rigid manual wheelchairs.

Companion Plus features a larger 350W motor capable of a 16-mph top speed, a new controller for greater range (up to 18.6 miles/30 km on a full three-hour charge), a new display with a five-speed selector, a non-marking tire for improved use indoors, and a new parking brake for added safety. Soft-grip handles are available in a range of colors, and Companion Plus owners can further customize their device by choosing from a selection of optional vinyl wraps. Cheelcare is based in Ontario: www.cheelcare.com/companion

This article originally appeared in the May/Jun 2021 issue of Mobility Management.

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