Motion Composites Launches NXT Cushions & Backs Redesign

Motion Composites has redesigned its NXT cushions and back supports, upgrading the lines’ aesthetics and functionality.

In a June 1 news announcement, Motion Composites noted that the redesign “marks the first step in the integration of NXT Seating into the Motion Composites’ portfolio. NXT’s former owner and manufacturer, Dynamic Health Care Solutions, was acquired by Motion Composites in July 2019.”

NXT seat cushion BioFit

NXT BioFit

All of the new NXT Cushions and Back Supports feature three-dimensional smartx3D fabric. The smartx3D fabric achieves four-way stretch and encourages greater immersion, “which aids in pressure redistribution, and is highly durable and pill resistant,” the announcement said. “After consistent daily use and transfers, the fabric retains its stylish look, softness, and comfort.”

The smartx3D type of fabric, commonly known as spacer fabric, is prized by manufacturers of such products as athletic clothing, running shoes and automotive seating because of the fabric’s ability to wick moisture and breathe well while remaining durable.

NXT Cushions feature two waterproof zippers, one on the smartx3D cover and one on the interior cover, to provide enhanced protection against moisture. The external zipper is covered to reduce the risk of debris interference.

NXT Back Supports include reflective piping to provide extra visibility in darker environments. Backs also include a two-way zipper, which “allows external lateral supports to easily attach to the back support’s shell. It closes snuggly around the lateral support, providing a dazzling finished look.”

NXT Cushions are now available in 67 sizes, many in 1-inch increments, to accommodate more wheelchair sizes.

Eric Simoneau, Motion Composites’ CEO, said in the announcement, “Design and aesthetics have always been an important part of Motion Composites’ creative process. We design our wheelchairs to offer excellent ride quality as well as enhanced mobility while looking sleek and stylish.

“We want to create products that will improve the users’ quality of life while making them proud. The new NXT Cushions and Back Supports are no exception and now match the Motion Composites’ high design standards.”


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