Quantum Rehab Launches 4Front 2

Quantum Rehab has introduced the 4Front 2, featuring enhancements to the original 4Front front-wheel-drive power wheelchair base.

Quantum 4Front 2 in raspberry beret color

New features include Smart Traction Control, which improves drive performance at higher speeds by providing better tracking. Smart Traction Control is integrated into the 4Front 2’s Q-Logic electronics.

The 4Front 2 also includes 4-pole motors and redesigned caster arms that weigh less while having greater durability and more aesthetic appeal.

Quantum’s backup camera is another available option on the 4Front 2. The camera provides a rear viewing angle of 170 degrees to improve safety as a consumer operates the power chair in reverse.

In a news announcement, Quantum Rehab VP Jay Brislin said of the launch, “Innovation always begins with listening. We spent a significant amount of time carefully developing the 4Front 2, using feedback from consumers and our providers. The latest advancements on the 4Front 2 come from what they wanted more of in this front-wheel drive power chair.”

The new power chair has a maximum speed of 6.25 mph, and can drive up to 3.5 mph with its seat elevated. It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

The 4Front2 is available as a K0856-coded power chair (Group 3/Single Power, Sling/Solid Seat/Back) and as a K0861 (Group 3/Multiple Power, Sling/Solid Seat/Back). Quantum Rehab noted that the 4Front 2 also is awaiting PDAC code approval for K0848 (Group 3/Standard, Sling/Solid Seat/Back); K0849 (Group 3/Standard, Captain’s Seating); and K0857 (Group 3/Standard, Single Power/Captain’s Seating).

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