Commentary: Register Now for CRT Awareness Week’s Virtual Fly-In

It’s exceedingly hard to find a silver lining in our current pandemic-shaped world, but the Virtual Fly-In during CRT Awareness Week is one of those rarities.

Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) Awareness Week is scheduled this year for Sept. 20, and co-hosts NCART and NRRTS have a number of activities planned.

But now is the time to sign up for the virtual Congressional Fly-In.

While the Fly-In usually takes place in person in Washington, D.C., this year’s event will take place online.

And this new format gives industry members the opportunity to participate at a much lower price point, without needing to leave home or office.

The Fly-In costs just $30 this year, or $15 for consumers who use CRT. Registrants will meet with members of Congress, Senators, and staffers via Zoom videoconferences, and NCART and NRRTS will both schedule the meetings as well as provide talking points and training.

Advocacy veterans will save on travel costs and time commitments, for sure. But what a great opportunity for folks who’ve wanted to raise their advocacy investment, but just couldn’t swing the money or time needed to spend several days in the D.C. area. What a great chance for industry members who just want to give personal advocacy a try!

And since participants from the same state will be grouped together on these meetings, you won’t have to take any meeting alone. You’ll have colleagues with you, which could be very educational for those who are new to these kinds of conversations.

NCART and NRRTS are also providing training ahead of the meetings, so we’ll learn the main talking points, and we’ll get to practice with colleagues before the actual event.

One note: NCART and NRRTS are encouraging participants to sign up early — preferably no later than Aug. 24 — to give the scheduling team enough time to request meetings with legislators and staffers.

I’ve up, I’ve circled Sept. 21 on my calendar, and I’m ready to show up for these advocacy meetings in my best business attire… while still wearing fuzzy pink bedroom slippers under my desk, of course.

To register, go to

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