Viewpoint: Identifying the Causes of Delays in Equipment Provision & Repairs

Among the most common frustrations for seating and wheeled mobility professionals are the inability to procure Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) equipment quickly for the consumers who need it… as well as repairing that equipment in an efficient manner.

Gerry Dickerson (ATP for National Seating & Mobility, CRTS, President of NRRTS) and Charles Sargeant (Chief Revenue Cycle Officer, National Seating & Mobility) teamed up to discuss the causes of equipment and repair delays in a recent Mobility Management podcast.

Now, their story is available as a free downloadable pdf: “Required Documentation & Payer Policies for New Equipment & Repair Orders.”

“From my perspective,” Dickerson said in the article, “documentation is the single greatest roadblock to the service delivery process, whether it’s for a new mobility system or the repairing of an existing system.”

And Sargeant described the often lengthy repair process as one that’s unnecessarily redundant: “Payers have added prior authorization requirements around repairs, making it virtually impossible to conduct same-day critical repairs to keep someone moving.”

Download the Viewpoint HERE, or click HERE to access the podcast.


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