Cushion Education: Making the Best Choice for Your Client

With so many wheelchair seat cushions currently available, what’s the best way to choose a cushion for a particular client’s unique goals and functional needs?

That’s the topic of a free Webinar now playing on demand. In “So Many Choices: Choosing a Client-Centered Cushion,” Bart Van der Heyden, PT, and Filipe Monforte Correia, European and Latin American Business Development Manager for Stealth Products, share recent scientific insights on how pressure injuries occur and how that information can be used to make seating and seat cushion selections for clients with varying needs.

Learning objectives include understanding cushion design features that impact pelvic stability; identifying interventions that impact the load distribution on a client’s pelvis when using a wheelchair cushion; and defining a wheelchair seat cushion strategy for a client with a fixed pelvic obliquity.

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