Permobil Announces Key Sustainability Focus Areas

Permobil wants to improve quality of life not just for the people who use its seating and wheelchairs, but for everyone else as well.

In a Nov. 30 news announcement, the Complex Rehab Technology manufacturer announced a number of sustainability focus areas, saying, “Our focus is to drive the company to continuously do better for all its stakeholders.”

Permobil said it will be working to improve quality of life for the users of its technology and to ensure the highest standards of product quality, service and safety.

Permobil will also strive to make life better for employees by “building a safe and respective workplace with diversity and inclusion as its hallmarks.”

The manufacturer has committed to minimizing its impact on the environment as well: The announcement said Permobil was working on “reducing our CO2 emissions 70 percent by 2030.”

And Permobil’s “strong business ethics and responsible sourcing” will be “better for business and communities,” the announcement said.

To improve consumers’ quality of life, Permobil said it has been examining how Permobil customers live. “Over the last year, the company has been conducting a pilot study on measuring the mobility-related quality of life of people who use wheelchairs,” the announcement said. “[Permobil CEO/President] Bengt Thorsson commented, ‘Our products transform people’s lives. We want to be able to define and demonstrate the difference we make, and push continuous improvements so that we keep doing better. If we get this right, not only do we help those who use Permobil products, but we will bring the rest of the industry with us.’”

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