Jim Walsh Retires from VGM Group

Jim Walsh, VGM Group’s first investor and later its General Counsel, has retired.

Headshot of Jim Walsh in dark blue suit

Jim Walsh

A news announcement noted that Walsh was a prominent attorney in VGM’s hometown of Waterloo, Iowa, when his friend Van G. Miller founded the organization. In 1996, Walsh became VGM’s General Counsel and joined the organization full time.

When Miller died in 2015, Walsh became chairman of VGM’s board of directors. This latest announcement, which said Walsh retired on Dec. 31, called him “a pioneer of the home medical equipment industry” who has “long served as an advisor and trusted resource to business leaders across the industry. His influence within VGM has helped build the company into what it is today.”

VGM Group’s CEO, Mike Mallaro, added, “Jim Walsh was integral to most everything that happened at VGM, especially in the first 30 years of the company’s existence. He was the primary driver behind a number of strategies and decisions which shaped our company’s history and impact us today, and will long into the future.”

“Serving as the steadying influence and strong number two behind a maverick and visionary entrepreneur is an incredibly important role, and one that is often overlooked and underappreciated. VGM would not be the organization that it is today without Jim Walsh’s leadership and brilliance.”

Walsh will remain the chairman of VGM’s board of directors.

“I want to express our overwhelming gratitude and hearty congratulations to Jim on behalf of everyone at VGM,” Mallaro added. “VGM would not be what it is today without the immense contributions of Jim Walsh, and we are fortunate to continue to have his wisdom and guidance as our chairman.”

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