LUCI Introduces Seating Sensor System

LUCI, the manufacturer known for its power wheelchair sensor and communications technology, is now in the seating sensor business.

Small red rectangular LUCI air sensor

In a Jan. 19 news announcement, LUCI officially introduced LUCI+Air, describing it as “a first-of-its-kind, real-time, smart air cushion pressure monitor” to take “the guesswork and stress out of air cushion inflation.”

The announcement said LUCI+Air provides information such as whether or not an air-cell cushion is properly inflated; how often the cushion user offloads; and how long the user sits. “We’re giving LUCI users the most accurate monitoring and continuous, effortless tracking ever,” the announcement said. “The patent-pending LUCI+Air works with your air-filled cushion and the MyLuci app to display the data you need to manage your skin, create offloading targets, set reminders and track your progress.”

LUCI+Air provides this data while using “less power… than even the battery indicator on your wheelchair” and does not require additional batteries. The system can be programmed to send offloading reminders and can track offloading goals. It communicates via “hardware auditory and visual alerts with user-controlled, secure sharing options.”

The compact and lightweight system features one-button setup and is protected from water and dust to IP53 standards.

The announcement said the new system is compatible “with almost all air-filled cushions, including single-valve cushions, or multi-valve cushions that can be set with the valve open.”

LUCI+Air will soon be available for power wheelchair users currently using the LUCI system, and the manufacturer said it will have “even more announcements about LUCI seating products” later in 2022.


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