Invacare Launches Alber e-fix eco Power Assist

Alber’s venerable family of power-assist systems for manual wheelchairs has a new member.

Manual spoked wheel with Alber power assist in wheel

In a Feb. 7 announcement, Invacare introduced the e-fix eco, which uses a joystick, battery and in-wheel motors to turn a manual wheelchair into a powered one.

The eco is an upgrade of the e-fix system, the announcement added: “Equipped with a new modern design for the wheel hub, color display, battery, and battery bag, the e-fix eco represents a significant upgrade from the previous generation. In addition, the eco features a clutch, multiple joystick options, and energy-recovering braking technology, which transfers power back into the battery.”

The e-fix eco can be added to and removed from the manual wheelchair at its user’s discretion, making the system convenient to travel with and to store. Free-wheel mode enables users to propel manually when they choose.

Michael Salvi, Invacare’s Director of Manual Mobility & Seating, said in the announcement, “Driven by our culture of innovation, we continue to expand our industry-leading comprehensive portfolio of power-assist devices. The new e-fix eco, our third new product in less than two years, follows successful launches of our award-winning SMOOV and e-motion power-assist products. We are excited to showcase the e-fix eco’s improvements as we continue helping end-users in ‘Making Life’s Experiences Possible.’”


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