LUCI Launches Software Update

LUCI, the smart power wheelchair system, has launched a software upgrade.

In a March 29 news announcement, LUCI said the latest software update “offers the same great safety features with a better driving experience that can easily navigate low speeds and tight spaces. This means riders like you are in for a smarter, safer and smoother ride.”

The update, known as LuciCore 1.4, provides improved navigation “without the need for constant overriding,” as well as support for Bluetooth features in the MyLUCI app, and a new Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) “like those used in modern automobiles and jets, that helps increase responsiveness for an improved driving experience.”

LUCI’s software “upgrades all on its own,” the company added. “Just make sure your LUCI unit is connected to your home’s WiFi. Then download the updated MyLUCI app on your phone to access these new features!”

In a recent Mobility Management podcast, LUCI co-founders Barry Dean and Jered Dean discussed the challenges of innovating in the Complex Rehab Technology field.


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