LUCI Launches LUCI View System

A new system from LUCI gives power wheelchair riders a more detailed and informed view of the world around them.

View of smartphone screen shows aerial view of power wheelchair facing forward with obstacles and tipping dangers represented by black circles and white dots. Green and red zones emanating from the chair show which areas are safe to drive.

LUCI describes its LUCI View systems as giving users “a birds-eye view of their wheelchair’s surroundings, pinpointing obstacles and drop-offs as LUCI is detecting them.”

In an April 14 announcement, the company likened LUCI View to the driver assistance systems available in many newer cars and trucks. Those systems show drivers, for instance, what’s present behind their vehicles as they’re driving their vehicles in reverse.

Similarly, LUCI View “allows users to drive more confidently, even while going backwards or in difficult spaces to navigate,” the announcement said.

In a LUCI View demonstration video, a power wheelchair rider uses the system to view the space around her – all 360 degrees’ worth. Obstacles that could represent potential collisions — such as people, walls, or furniture — are shown on the screen as black dots. Potential drop-off or tipping dangers are represented on the screen by white squares.

Depending on what LUCI View detects, the system can label the zones around the chair as green (clear for driving), yellow (potential issues) or red (not safe for driving).

LUCI View is available via the MyLUCI App, available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

The LUCI system for power wheelchairs can identify potential tipping and collision dangers before they occur, and can also provide communications and alerts to riders and their selected caregivers or team members.


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