Mobility Management Podcast: NRRTS at 30

The latest Mobility Management podcast commemorated the 30th anniversary of the National Registry of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers (NRRTS).

Weesie Walker, the Executive Director of NRRTS and the podcast’s guest speaker, compared the job of the Rehab Technology Supplier (RTS) years ago — fewer products to learn about, fewer educational options— with today’s environment of more products to learn about, but more educational resources now available.

“Suppliers have to have more knowledge to know which of the product options is going to be the best fit for their client,” Walker acknowledged. “It’s not only the vast array of products, but it’s the techniques that are used in seating.” She recalled the old “90-90-90” seating strategy: “The things we did 30 years ago would probably make us cringe today.”

The last few years have been especially trying for RTS’s, Walker added.

For instance, “There’s no social distancing” when doing a seating evaluation, she noted. “I believe a lot of [RTS’s] put themselves at risk early on during the pandemic. But they knew that these were critical services. People needed to have their mobility.”

During the podcast, Walker also shared memories from earlier in NRRTS’s history, in addition to explaining the wealth of resources the organization makes available to members.

“When Simon Margolis first talked to me about this registry idea, he said it was to give consumers a form of protection,” Walker said, recalling Margolis’s dedication to the Complex Rehab Technology industry. “That you would be held accountable if there was something that needed to be changed or improved or fixed.

“I think sadly today some people are getting services that really aren’t meeting their needs.”

Listen to the NRRTS anniversary episode, or check out Mobility Management’s podcast center for a list of available episodes.


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