U.S. Rehab & NCART Partner on CRT Benchmarking Survey

NCART and U.S. Rehab are teaming up on a 2022 Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) Provider Benchmarking Survey.

Data collected from the survey “will help CRT providers better manage their businesses and will be used in NCART’s industry advocacy efforts,” NCART said in its June newsletter.

The survey has 18 questions and “encompasses multiple aspects of CRT providers’ operations and will supply critical data on the changes that have occurred over the last two years.”

The NCART announcement added that “company-specific” information will not be shared and will remain confidential.

CRT providers who take the survey will receive a copy of the survey results and a free gift.

NCART noted, “Successful businesses can benefit from comparative data. Effective advocacy requires data that supports its messaging.”


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