CRT Awareness Week Schedule Announced

With CRT Awareness Week quickly approaching, NCART has released a schedule of activities.

Mon., Aug. 15, is CRT Consumer Day. Tues., Aug. 16, is CRT Clinician Day. Wed., Aug. 17, is CRT Provider Day. Thurs., Aug. 18, is CRT Manufacturer Day. The week wraps up on Fri., Aug. 19, with CRT Advocacy Day.

NCART’s announcement said, “CRT Awareness Week is dedicated to educating others about what Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) is and why access matters.”

NCART also gave suggestions for the week’s activities, from posting photos of CRT to hosting podcasts or Webinars that discuss CRT access; posting photos of team members working with CRT; posting CRT product videos; making short videos about the CRT products and services you provide; and sharing NCART posts on social media using the hashtag #CRTAwareness.

“Our goal,” NCART said in the July 29 announcement, “is that every legislator, policy maker, payor and community member fully understand the complexities of CRT and the benefits it provides to people with disabilities. While we aren’t there just yet, we’ve made good progress. But more is needed, and that’s what CRT Awareness Week is all about!”

NCART has posted additional resources on its Web site.


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