Mobility Management Podcast: The Importance of Product Selection for Independent Providers

Staying competitive can be challenging for independent providers lacking the wide range of resources and assets that larger businesses have.

The latest Mobility Management podcast, sponsored by WHILL, discusses how product selection — choosing the optimal Complex Rehab Technology and Durable Medical Equipment products and services to offer — can distinguish smaller providers from their competitors.

Justin Gagnon, VP of Sales at WHILL, suggested in the podcast that providers could gain a competitive advantage by “finding products that meet the needs of your specific customers and looking for capabilities that go beyond the standard, regular features and benefits.”

Doug Mykol — Managing Partner of New Tech Mobility, a dealership in Phoenix — said his business sells WHILL because “it meets my criteria: well made, well designed, and a cool factor, to be honest. I really want to focus on high-quality, well-designed and well-made product.”

Listen to the latest podcast, and check out other episodes in Mobility Management’s podcast center.


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