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In the Spotlight: Announcing the 2022 Mobility Product Award Winners


Braze Blind Spot Sensors for Wheelchairs

Blind Spot SensorThese patent-pending Blind Spot Sensors can be added to any power or manual wheelchair to transform it into a “smart” wheelchair. Braze Mobility’s system provides feedback to the user regarding location and proximity to obstacles through intuitive lights, sounds, and vibrations. This affordable solution (starting at $1,850 MSRP) helps the user maintain dignity and independence, reduces caregiver stress, decreases property damage, and increases safety, not only for the user, but others in the environment as well.

Braze Mobility


Swing-Away Anti-Tipper

Swing Away Anti-TipperThis retractable and adjustable Swing-Away Anti-Tipper with integrated tip assist is the solution for freer and safer movement without compromises and undesired tipping. It helps wheelchair users to stay secure and stable when facing obstructions, while helping caregivers to transition over curbs and raised doorways. The beauty of the Swing-Away Anti-Tippers is that they can easily be rotated horizontally under the chair by the user or the caregiver at any moment… so no need to remove them when they’re not in use.

Motion Composites


NXT Armadillo Multi-Adjustable Postural Back Support

NXT Armadillo Multi-Adjustable Postural Back SupportThe NXT Armadillo Back Support is a multi-adjustable postural support back that features a three-section modular shell with smartGEL Infused Visco Technology back cushion. Combined with NXT’s smartx3D fabric, Armadillo provides the ultimate breathability, durability, comfort and support. It’s designed to adjust to fit the unique contour of the user’s spine and to accommodate users with kyphosis and other unique spinal positioning needs.

Motion Composites


Maxx Resolve Swing-Away Joystick Mount

Maxx Resolve Swing-Away Joystick MountThe smooth, effortless mount uses a dual ball-and-socket joint mounting mechanism for customized positioning of the joystick. This maximizes users’ comfort and flexibility, making driving, getting closer to things, and forward transfers much easier. The mount offers up to 4" (2" up or 2" down) of vertical travel relative to the arm pad, while the dual ball-and-socket joint design enables rotation and angle adjustability. Users with limited hand/wrist/finger function can now position the joystick in the best orientation for their needs.

Motion Concepts


Axiom AS Cushion

Axiom ASWith the new Axiom AS, getting the optimum fit the first time is as easy as sitting, thanks to a patented, self-adjusting fluid system that uses a rider’s body weight and physical characteristics to control immersion and envelopment. Femurs, trochanters, and ischia are all independently loaded, creating optimal pressure distribution and maximum stability. Once the desired fitting is achieved, the adjustment can be locked in. The fitting can be readjusted if needed, but refitting solely for maintenance is unnecessary.

Ki Mobility


Matrx PSP HD Cushion

Matrx PSP HD CushionThe PSP (Posture Seat Polymer) cushion combines lightweight stability and support of the PS foam base with a polymer overlay for superior protection, positioning and shear reduction. The inner cover and reversible outer cover (available on stock sizes) offer an additional moisture barrier to prevent fluids or contaminants from reaching the foam. In-stock sizes include 22", 24", 26" widths and 18", 20", 22" depths with weight capacities up to 600 lbs., but check with your Motion Concepts rep regarding additional sizes.

Motion Concepts


O2 FRESH Nasal Cannula Cover

O2 FRESH Nasal Cannula CoverHere’s a creative solution for wheelchair users who use supplemental oxygen. When not in use, the nasal cannula is stored securely within reach of the wheelchair user. The Cover is hygienic and prevents the cannula from falling to the floor or out of the patient’s reach. The Cover’s handle can be attached to the wheelchair with a variety of keychains, straps, or hook-and-loop fasteners. The O2 FRESH Nasal Cannula Cover can also hold the oxygen tubing that typically connects a nasal cannula to a home oxygen concentrator.

Hartfiel Medical


Roami Walker

Roami WalkerThis walker goes where traditional walkers can’t, including inclines, declines, and stairs. A patented cam-lock mechanism allows frame and legs to articulate angularly for inclines/declines and going up or down stairs, thus keeping the user’s body perpendicular at all times. Roami is made of glass-filled polypropylene and reinforced anodized aluminum to support up to 300 lbs. Retractable wheels easily change Roami from a walker to a wheeled walker. Roami is height-adjustable and collapsible for easy storage.



Companion Q

Companion QCheelcare’s latest model features cutting-edge controls to unlock the freedom of power assist for anyone who has limited hand dexterity. The user applies downward force to the handlebars to accelerate, releases to stop, and pushes forward on the handlebars to brake. This replaces the gripping, twisting, or squeezing required by a standard twist throttle or squeeze brake. It’s a game-changing, front-mount solution, perfect for children, those with quadriplegia, and those affected by Parkinson’s or stroke.



Alber e-motion M25

Alber e-motion M25Add e-motion drive wheels to almost any wheelchair using two discrete adapters. While in motion, sensors built into the pushrims measure drive movement and provide the wheelchair rider with the desired power. This allows riders to move, steer and brake their wheelchairs with very little effort. With a weight of only 17 lbs. per drive wheel, the e-motion is one of the lightest active add-on drives available.

Alber USA


ZIPPIE Q300 M Mini

ZIPPIE Q300 M MiniWith a patented, all-wheel independent suspension, the narrowest true mid-wheel-drive base available, an ultra-small 17" turning radius, and a 17" seat-to-floor height, the ZIPPIE Q300 M Mini offers children the independence to safely explore a wide variety of environments. With optional C-Me seat elevation, children can drive up to 3 mph while elevated up to 12", without locking out the suspension or needing to stop while transitioning. The ZIPPIE MINI offers up to 50° of power tilt, with a wide range of JAY cushions and backs and WHITMYER headrests available to address any seating needs. Components such as footplates, leg supports, back height, seat width and seat depth can grow with the child and be adjusted individually. The ZIPPIE Mini can be personalized with seven striking accent colors or a wide variety of painted shrouds for an expressive, individual look. Or choose from a wide array of painted shroud colors for a bit more color.

Sunrise Medical


Axiom ASP Cushion

Axiom ASP CushionThe ASP has all the benefits of the Axiom AS cushion, but with added height and contours for even more stability and better positioning for the rider. The ASP’s patented, self-adjusting fluid system uses a rider’s body weight and physical characteristics to control immersion and envelopment. The cushion allows femurs, trochanters, and ischia to be independently loaded, creating optimal pressure distribution and maximum stability. Once the desired fitting is achieved, the adjustment can be locked in. The fitting can be readjusted if needs change, but refitting solely for maintenance is unnecessary. The lightweight Hydrolite fluid is less sensitive to temperature to maintain performance consistency regardless of climate. Surface tension is significantly reduced by Ki’s super four-way-stretch Lycra outer cover for better immersion. The design features a dense layer of reticulated foam under a layer of spacer fabric for superior airflow and moisture control. The result is an easily adjustable cushion with an ideal fit and a cooler, drier skin interface for the rider.

Ki Mobility


ATLAS Clinical Evals Software (ACES)

ATLAS Clinical Evals SoftwareATLAS Clinical Evals Software improves E2D, revenue cycles, and annual revenues for providers. ATPs can use ACES to prepare integrated patient mobility and home evaluations and refer them seamlessly to therapists’ secured ACES portal. Therapists can use ACES for clinical evaluations in person or remotely. ACES manages the therapist’s report and other necessary information to ensure the documentation to support a patient’s mobility equipment is complete and accurate.

ATLAS Technology Group



Model Ci2WHILL is known for its innovative designs and use of technology to boost users’ confidence — in themselves and in their device — while improving their quality of life. The latest addition to the portfolio is the C2, an FDA-cleared portable power wheelchair. With a wealth of features and benefits to address a number of challenges active users face with Group 1 and 2 power chairs, the Model C2 is designed to be the most versatile power chair in its class.




LUCI+AirLUCI Air is a smart air cushion pressure monitor that informs riders if their seat cushion is properly inflated, as well as how much time they spend sitting, and how often they are off-loading from their cushion. Through the MyLuci app, riders can view the data they need to manage their skin, create offloading targets, set reminders, and track their progress. Today, this patent-pending technology is the first of its kind to offer accurate, effortless cushion pressure monitoring for power wheelchair users.




StrapparatusThe Strapparatus makes shoulder harness mounting easy. It provides versatile mounting options for shoulder harness buckles and can also act as a strap guide. With height and width adjustment, shoulder harness straps can be positioned exactly where they need to be. The slim mounting bracket can attach to Symmetric Designs’ round, 1/2" or 15mm square headrest hardware.

Symmetric Designs



LUCI ViewLUCI View is a software that offers users a bird’s-eye view of their wheelchair’s surroundings, pinpointing obstacles and drop-offs as detected. This wheelchair technology is the first of its kind and based on the same principles and design of the driver-assistance systems in a Tesla or BMW. LUCI View allows users to drive more confidently, even while going backwards or in difficult spaces to navigate.



QUICKIE Nitrum Hybrid & Active Rigid

QUICKIE Nitrum Hybrid and Active RigidPacked with new features and a new frame design, the QUICKIE Nitrum has become a global phenomenon. A new dual-tube Hybrid Frame offers the highest rigidity and strength, and the new fixed Active Rigid option offers the lightest weight possible in a Nitrum configuration. Combined with its patented caster link, Twist-Lock backrest, and ovalized ShapeLoc frame technologies, the Nitrum Hybrid offers an ultra-rigid, dual-tube frame, while still weighing only 12.8 lbs. with an increased user weight capacity of 300 lbs.

Sunrise Medical


Jazzy EVO 613Li Power Chair

Jazzy EVO 613Li Power ChairPride Mobility describes the Jazzy EVO 613Li as a reinvention of the Group 2 power chair, thanks to a design loaded with new features. This FDA Class II Medical Device is lithium enabled, with a 25-percent faster charging time and has a 300-percent longer battery life cycle vs. other Jazzys. The battery maintains maximum speed throughout the entire discharge cycle. With a base width of just 22", the Jazzy EVO 613Li has a depth-adjustable, limited-recline, comfort-style memory foam seat that swivels for greater access.

Pride Mobility Products



The HELIO C2 folding wheelchair is Motion Composites’ flagship model. The result of a series of innovations, it features revolutionary components, an impeccable finish, and all the advantages carbon fiber offers. Every detail was designed to improve performance and reduce weight, to lessen the energy required to propel. With its innovative materials and advanced engineering, the HELIO C2 is one of the lightest, most technologically advanced wheelchairs in its category.

Motion Composites



wheelchair securement stationQ’STRAINT ONE is an all-in-one wheelchair securement station that replaces the many parts and obstacles of traditional 4-point securement with a simplified, single-platform system. Securement is now straightforward, with visible indicators, audible feedback, and push-button operation. The all-in-one design reduces the guesswork associated with properly anchoring securement into the vehicle floor, as well as concerns about missing parts and storing system components.



AVIVA RX Rear-Wheel-Drive with Ultra Low Maxx

AVIVA RX Rear-Wheel-Drive with Ultra Low MaxxThe Invacare AVIVA RX power wheelchair was developed with the customer experience in mind and brings new features to enhance the user, provider and clinician experience. It’s an innovative leap forward in rear-wheel-drive power wheelchairs. Targeted for users who travel outdoors but also need maneuverability for indoors, AVIVA STORM RX is intuitive to drive and is an easy transition for people who move from a manual wheelchair to a power wheelchair. A compact base design offers better maneuverability, while SureGrip suspension increases traction going over obstacles. Front caster bushings decrease vibrations the user feels and thus helps reduce fatigue. Front casters are moved outboard to allow use of a center-mount front rigging to help improve the comfort of the user. The center mount front rigging can tuck under up to 7˚. AVIVA RX comes with Motion Concepts’ Ultra Low Maxx seating system and LiNX electronic controls.

Invacare Corp.


Matrx Loxx Headrest Hardware

Matrx Loxx Headrest HardwareCrash-tested Matrx Loxx Headrest Hardware offers easy and intuitive, tool-free lever adjustment of pad position in all directions. Its patent-pending design helps ensure hold in the locked position. Dual pivot balls and slide bar provide optimal pad orientation, while the curved vertical post facilitates lateral or forward mounting positions. Standard (15") or Mini (11") vertical posts are available.

Motion Concepts


4Front 2 HD

4Front 2 HDThe heavy-duty edition of the front-wheel-drive 4Front 2 has 4-pole motors and a 450-lb. weight capacity, with Smart Traction Control (STC) integrated into Q-Logic controls. STC, along with Smooth Ride Suspension, provides stability for smooth transitions and great driving performance. Also new: redesigned caster arms with greater durability and reduced weight. Positioning options: tilt, recline, seat elevation to 10" at speeds up to 2.7 mph (weight capacity reduced to 400 lbs.), and an articulating foot platform.

Quantum Rehab

This article originally appeared in the Jul/Aug 2022 issue of Mobility Management.

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