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How We've Grown!

early cover of Mobility Mangement magazine

A favorite early cover featured Briana Walker in a photo by Art Director Dave Druse at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, Calif. It was our first location photo shoot… and Briana’s first shoot, as well.

While we’ve been celebrating Mobility Management’s 20th anniversary all year, this issue is our official celebration… one we share with colleagues in Complex Rehab Technology (CRT), mobility and accessibility (page 21).

Publishing has come a long way in 20 years. The early 2000s were an exciting, evolving time for communications and media. For example, in the fall of 2002, Firefox was created. So was LinkedIn. The iPod had been introduced the year before, and in 2003, the iTunes store launched. (The first iPhone was still several years away.)

Over the years, the MM portfolio has grown, along with the number of ways we communicate with readers. Digital options now make it possible for readers to choose how they want to receive information and when:

  • Our Web site is mobilitymgmt.com. It’s our main library of stories and resources… and since it’s cumulative, it also houses stories from years past that demonstrate how the industry has changed. While our core audience are CRT, mobility, and accessibility professionals, our Web site has also been a resource for consumers and caregivers… a benefit that print magazines alone were unable to offer.

  • eMobility is our newsletter. It focuses on breaking news, but also contains feature stories, events and event coverage, educational reviews, and clinical info. Subscribe for free at bit.ly/emobilitysubscription.

  • I enjoy podcasting more than I ever thought I would! These conversations with colleagues are perfect to listen to while commuting to clinic… or, as we regularly hear, while walking your four-footed friends. Check out the podcast center at mobilitymgmt.com to see all our episodes.

  • And we host Webinars, too! Those episodes, available first as live events, then on demand 24/7, are also on our Web site.

  • Even our print magazine stories are available online, in case you’d like to read them on your laptop, tablet, or phone. (Imagine trying to explain those devices to yourself from 20 years ago!)

This is also a time to take stock of how the understanding of complex seating and wheeled mobility itself has evolved. In this issue, we discuss the many potential benefits of dynamic seating (page 10), from preventing injury to supporting optimal positioning to providing much-needed sensory input. And in our palliative care story (page 6), we talk about the role that CRT can play in improving quality of life for both consumers and caregivers.

Thank you to everyone who supported Mobility Management in our first 20 years — subscribers, advertisers, everyone who’s ever given me an interview, suggested a story topic, or taken the time to teach me about this amazing industry. I am forever grateful.

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