Broda Celebrates 40-Plus Years with Story Contest

Broda is celebrating 40-plus years in business by inviting stakeholders to share Broda stories… which could win the storyteller a free Broda wheelchair.

“Broda began in 1981 as a small group of concerned individuals who had the radical idea that seating in healthcare needed to be more comfortable,” the manufacturer said in an Oct. 24 news announcement. “They began by serving the often-overlooked patients and caregivers in hospice and palliative care. Society is apt to look the other way when faced with end-of-life care; however, Broda has only concentrated more attentively on the needs of these patients, caregivers, and families.”

Today, Broda’s product family includes chairs with positioning features, such as tilt and/or recline; chairs that can be foot propelled; a rehabilitation line available with Matrx Seating accessories; bariatric heavy-duty chairs; shower-commode chairs; transport chairs; and Behavioral chairs, with dynamic movement/rocking capabilities.

Broda is now inviting consumers and healthcare professionals to share their stories online, for a chance “to win a new Broda wheelchair for you, your patients, or your community.”

“Our dedication to service has allowed [us] to create a tight-knit, yet global community of advocates (e.g., clinicians, suppliers, and durable medical equipment specialists) who are committed to the localized needs of real people — you and your families, friends, and neighbors,” the announcement said. “When safe, comfortable seating comes first, Broda is here to help.”


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