Liberty Tilt-in-Space Now Available with Rigid Base

The already versatile Liberty tilt-in-space manual wheelchair from Ki Mobility is now available with a rigid base.

Profile of a red Liberty tilt-in-space wheelchair with a rigid frame.

The Liberty, with a tilt range of 0 to 20 degrees, is designed for convenient foot propulsion, with a front seat height that remains the same, regardless of the tilt angle. And the original Liberty FT was designed to fold into “a portable package ideal for transportation,” according to Ki Mobility’s Web site description. An optional folding backrest created an even smaller profile, the manufacturer noted.

Now, Ki Mobility is offering the Liberty with a rigid base option “for facilities and users that don’t require a folding frame,” the manufacturer said in a Jan. 9 news announcement.

“The rigid base has fewer moving parts while providing the same options and wheel access for independent mobility,” Ki noted. “In addition, the optional fold-down back and 24.5-lb. (11.11 kg) transport weight makes it the lightest and easiest tilt-in-space chair to transport.”

The original folding-frame Liberty has a transport weight of 25.8 lbs. (11.7 kg).

The rigid model, Ki Mobility said, “is designed to convert from its packaged state to a fully assembled chair in a matter of minutes. This means it ships in the smallest package possible.”

The Liberty, rigid or folding, is available in three seat width ranges: small (14-18 inches; 35.56-45.72 cm), medium (16-20 inches; 40.64-50.8 cm), and large (18-22 inches; 45.72-55.88 cm). The three seat depth ranges offered are short (14-16 inches; 35.56-40.64 cm), medium (16-18 inches; 40.64-45.72 cm), and long (18-20 inches; 45.72-50.8 cm).


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