Mobility Management Podcast: After Seat Elevation, What’s Next for NCART?

Now that the comment period for the seat elevation proposed decision from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has closed, what’s next on the agenda for Complex Rehab Technology (CRT)?

In a new Mobility Management podcast, NCART Executive Director Wayne Grau and Associate Director Mickae Lee discuss other issues on the radar, including the right-to-repair movement gaining ground across the country.

“There is a problem,” Grau acknowledged in describing the currently lengthy process for getting CRT serviced and repaired. “The industry’s not trying to whitewash that. The system is broken. That’s why we need service and repair reform. Reimbursement does not cover all the costs that go into repairs.”

Lee addressed the fact that though CMS issued a proposed decision concerning Medicare coverage for seat elevation on Group 3 power wheelchairs, the agency has yet to respond to the industry’s request for coverage of power standing.

“We continue to work closely with the ITEM Coalition and that work group, as well as our government relations committee on the NCART side of things to continue urging CMS to move forward with that process as well,” Lee said.

Listen to the podcast and find more episodes in Mobility Management’s podcast library.

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