Effortless Postural Management Webinar Now On-Demand

If you missed the live Webinar presentation “Introducing Effortless Postural Management” starring Bart Van der Heyden and Filipe Monforte Correia, you can register for free and watch on demand.  

Learning objectives include understanding the biomechanics behind the limitations of tilt in space, back support recline, and aftermarket back supports, plus the biomechanics behind spine extension, head positioning, and postural variations. In lay terms, think of this as determining the region of the client’s body that you’d like to move, isolating that region, and then moving that and only that region. Excellent!

United Spinal Photo Contest Deadline is May 15

As a reminder, May 15 is the deadline for United Spinal Association’s photo contest, whose goal is to “ensure diversity and authentic representation of the disability community through the content we share. We are tired of generic images that feature actors in hospital wheelchairs and need your help to collect genuine images.” Read more here

Roll Mobility is a new community-driven accessibility app that describes the accessibility of restaurants, businesses, trails, parking, and public spaces. The app includes info on wheelchair ramps, elevators, and accessible restrooms and accepts input from its users. Download the free app in the Apple or Google Play app stores.White wheelchair rider logo in action position: top half of the wheel is green, and bottom half is red.

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