Mobility Management Power Wheelchair Edition Now Available for Download

Mobility Management’s latest digital edition — with a focus on power wheelchairs and accessories — is perfectly timed, given the May 16 Benefit Category Determination announcement on seat elevation from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Power chair ebook front cover, in violet, pink, and orange.

In this latest edition, catch up on seat elevation happenings (including Editor Laurie Watanabe’s channeling of a famous ‘80s power ballad), and get more policy updates regarding Medicare power mobility accessory processing errors that may have inadvertently been caused by CMS’s new voluntary prior authorization option.

Then dive into the seemingly inside-out world of power wheelchair policy, in which Medicare provides funding consideration only for devices used inside the home (i.e., smooth floors and smaller spaces), but power wheelchair riders routinely go outdoors (i.e., broken pavement, rural spaces, up and down ramps, inside accessible vehicles).

Given these opposing forces, how do power wheelchair manufacturers design for the best possible outcomes? And how does this inside-outside conundrum also tie into the current challenges of service and repair?

Finish up by browsing the Power Wheelchair Marketplace, a power chair pictorial.

Download the Power Wheelchair eBook on the Mobility Management Web site.

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