NSM to Provide munevo DRIVE Power Chair Controls

National Seating & Mobility (NSM) has signed an agreement with munevo Inc. to offer the manufacturer’s munevo DRIVE smart glass alternative driving controls for power wheelchairs.

munevo DRIVE module and smart glass interface on an orange and teal background.

In a June 26 announcement, NSM said the DRIVE system “has already empowered independence for power chair users in Europe, and will now be available in the U.S. through NSM as the first and exclusive national provider.”

The DRIVE is described as “innovative, wireless smart glass technology” that functions as “an adaptable and intuitive proportional head control, providing a progressive alternative to traditional switch-based head arrays, sip-and-puff systems, and chin controls. The munevo DRIVE’s power to self calibrate the controls offers a comfortable and easy-to-use mobility solution for individuals with a wide spectrum of conditions, such as ALS, multiple sclerosis, or a spinal cord injury.”

The system translates slight tilting motions of the user’s head into signals that control the power chair, “allowing users with minimal head mobility to move their wheelchairs independently and safely.” munevo also indicates that “seating position” can be controlled via the DRIVE.

Darren Lowman, NSM’s Chief Transformation Officer, said in the announcement, “NSM is proud to offer uniquely engineered systems and breakthrough technology solutions to support the independence of those living with a broad spectrum of mobility needs. The munevo DRIVE is no exception. A partnership with munevo allows us to further support our clients with a transformative technology that offers a greater level of independence and freedom that was previously not possible.”

Claudiu Hidas, munevo’s CEO, added that the DRIVE’s technology “offers a high degree of precision and responsiveness, creating a smooth and natural driving experience. This product has already helped hundreds of power wheelchair users in Europe achieve greater independence, and our partnership with NSM makes it possible to bring this life-changing accessory to the U.S.”

The DRIVE system can interact with the munevo PHONE app; the munevo MONITOR, which makes the content of the smart glass display visible to caregivers and family members on a device with a monitor, such as a tablet; munevo HOME, which makes it possible for the munevo user to control environmental systems, such as thermostats, doors, and curtains; and munevo ARM, which works with the Kinova robotic arm.

munevo is headquartered in Munich, Germany, but recently opened an American office in New York City.

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