Registration Now Open for September’s Virtual Fly-In

This year’s virtual CRT (Complex Rehab Technology) Congressional Fly-In is now open for registration.

Registration for the Fly-In, which will take place Sept. 13, is free at

In a July 14 news announcement, NCART and NRRTS said, “Congress plays a critical role in protecting access to Complex Rehab Technology. Educating them about the importance of appropriate CRT access is a message that needs to be delivered directly by CRT users, clinicians, caregivers, family members, suppliers, manufacturers, and others.

“That is why NCART and NRRTS partner each year to host a Congressional Fly-In that connects CRT advocates with their Representatives and Senators. The event is being held virtually on September 13, and we are inviting advocates to participate at no cost from your home or other location.”

Participants will spend the day in videoconference meetings with members of Congress, Senators, and/or members of their staff. In preparatory meetings leading up to the main event, NCART and NRRTS provide guidance regarding talking points and the day’s schedule and activities. The prep Webinar is scheduled for Sept. 6. The state delegation practice meeting, in which attendees will get acquainted with the virtual Fly-In platform and discuss how meetings will be organized, is scheduled for Sept. 11.

Congressional appointments will be made on behalf of participants for their convenience.

The organizations have said the four main talking points for this year’s Fly-In are to better understand the unique nature of CRT; to support policies and legislation that protect and enhance access to CRT; to support ongoing action to establish Medicare coverage of power seat elevation and standing systems; and to address the increased costs of providing CRT.

After the Fly-In, attendees are invited to participate in a “virtual happy hour” to debrief colleagues on the day’s happenings.

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