Tales From the ATP Test Taking Trenches

Studying for the ATP exam? Laurie Watanabe is, too. Click below for tips on how to study for the test.

I Can Push Myself!

Teaching Self-Propulsion to Children Starts with Setting Up the Best Chair

Posterior Pelvic Tilt

Why It Happens & How Seating Can Intervene

Standing Frames & Wheelchairs

ATP Series

Justify It: Standing Frames & Wheelchairs

Research supports the many possible benefits of standing for wheelchair users. The next challenge: To get funding sources to buy in.

Earning the ATP

4 Things You Need to Know About RESNA’s New SMS

Earning the ATP

Integrating People & Places

Integrating person, technology and environment with Cody Verrett.

Earning the ATP

A Question of Ethics

Industry ethics and policy with Permobil’s Darren Jernigan.

Earning the ATP

Our Story Thus Far, and the Chapters Ahead

Recapping the year and looking ahead.

Earning The ATP

Hitting the Road:WC19, Driver Assessment & More

How much do you know -- and need to know -- about auto access?

Our ATP Adventures So Far

Recap of January-June ATP exam columns.

Tackling the Exam's "Aug Comm" Monster

Identifying the aug comm topics we'll need to study for the ATP exam.

A PT's View of Taking the ATP Exam

Lauren Rosen is this month's mentor.

Determining What You Know (& What You Don’t)

Building a Study Strategy For the Real World

Getting Started: New ATP Policies for 2009

Jobs from Indeed

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