Power Chairs

Briefly: R-TRAK Is Fully Code Verified; a Pushchair Project Is Announced

Featuring Quantum Rehab, the PDAC, Designability, & JMDA.

Quantum Rehab Debuts R-TRAK Rear-Wheel-Drive Power Chair

New power chair was designed to handle rough outdoor terrain while maintaining excellent indoor maneuverability.

Sunrise Medical Launches QUICKIE Q700 Upgrades

New features include suspension improvements and more anterior tilt.

LUCI Announces New Regional Director of Clinical Education

New hire has a long tenure as a treating clinician and clinical education manager.

Innovation As Customer Experience

It's All in the Details

Q&A with Permobil: Why focusing on customers’ experiences makes a difference.

Innovation As Recreation

A Complex Power Wheelchair Becomes a LEGO Idea

The next step for the PWC model: earning enough votes for commercialization.

Innovation As a Startup

Bolt from the Blue

AWL-E Has High Hopes for the Future of Power Mobility Charging

Forward Progress

Standing Power Chair Featured As LEGO Idea

Designed by Permobil's Anton Danielsson, the model has anterior/posterior tilt and suspension.

NSM to Provide munevo DRIVE Power Chair Controls

Alternative driving control system is directed by slight tilts of the wheelchair rider's head.

Quantum Rehab’s Q Roll Model Contest Now Accepting Entries

Prizes include a paid contract and Quantum power chair with iLevel adjustable seat height.

Amylior’s Seat Elevation Now Named ALTA

The name change is reflected in the power wheelchair/powered seating manufacturer's forms.

Soul Mobility Wins Wisconsin Technology Council Award

The start-up manufacturer has created a power base attachment for manual wheelchairs.


Featuring Ottobock, NCART, TrackMaster Mobility, PM&R, and the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Podcast: Balancing Power Wheelchair Innovation & Real-World Funding

Bret Tracy and Josh Haynes from Merits Health Products discuss stakeholder priorities and their impact on design.

Mobility Management Power Wheelchair Edition Now Available for Download

Stories include how the seemingly inside-out world of funding impacts power wheelchair design.

Seating Benefits Podcast with Ride Designs