Standers, Standing Wheelchairs & Standing/Walking Aids

Wisconsin Governor Signs Bill Adding Seat Elevation & Standing to Medicaid Program

Prior authorization change is also included in the new law.

Altimate Medical Holdings Announces New President/CEO

Todd Tholkes, who has been with Altimate Medical since its founding, is retiring.


ATP Series

Standing Connections

Standing Technology Continues to Evolve, But Future Funding Support Might Occur for a Surprising Reason


ATP Series

Standing on Principle

Comparing & Contrasting the Functions of Standing Wheelchairs to Standing Frames

Standing wheelchairs and standing frames both offer the benefits of being upright. But there are differences in their mechanics and functions.

EasyStand JustifyIt

CRT Technology Showcase

Standing, Efficiently Justified

Jim Papac Is New President of LEVO USA

Papac returns to the standing wheelchair company almost 20 years after launching the brand in North America.

Permobil F3/F5

CRT Technology Showcase

Permobil F3/F5: Positioning & Power Without Compromise

New power base offers new array of positioning functions.


Complex Rehab Technology Showcase

Multi-Tasking TRAM Plays Many Roles

Invacare Corp. Sells Altimate Medical

Standing frame manufacturer is acquired by a pair of private investment firms.

Standing Frames & Wheelchairs

ATP Series

Justify It: Standing Frames & Wheelchairs

Research supports the many possible benefits of standing for wheelchair users. The next challenge: To get funding sources to buy in.

RESNA Updates Standing Chairs Paper

RESNA releases an updated standing wheelchairs position paper.

RESNA Releases Position Papers on Wheelchair Standing & Postural Supports

New papers feature an update on the benefits of standing, and a distinction between positioning components and restraints.

NCART Releases Funding Guide for Standing Devices

Guide offers advice on client evaluations, medical justification and appeals.


On Their Own Two Feet

Today’s Technology Offers Multiple Ways for Consumers to Benefit from Standing -- So, What Works Best?

The clinical, social and emotional benefi ts of standing are many, but which types of standing technology are best for diff erent applications?

Early-Intervention Positioning

Pediatric Series

The Power of Early-Intervention Positioning

Providing Infants & Toddlers with Proper Positioning — & Positioning Options — Can Impact Their Whole Lives

There’s more to early intervention than wheeled mobility! Experts discuss the many benefits of introducing alternate positioning to infants and toddlers.

Permobil's New Facility Wins Industrial Development Award

North American headquarters in Lebanon, Tenn., opened last year.

Altimate Medical Joins U.S. Rehab, VGM Group

Standing frame manufacturer now a member of the member services group.

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