Rifton Equipment

TRAM (Transfer And Mobility device)


We first saw this product demonstrated at March’s Los Angeles Abilities Expo, and its versatility immediately suggested it would be equally welcome in clinics or long-term care facilities and private homes. The TRAM (TRansfer And Mobility device) performs three distinct functions: It provides sit-to-stand lifts; allows supported ambulation; and enables seated transfers with no under-body sling — making toileting, for example, much easier. Rifton designed TRAM to still be compact and maneuverable, despite all that functionality. It weighs a little over 70 lbs., has a telescoping lift column, and has a 350-lb. weight capacity. An optional built-in scale makes it easy for caregivers and healthcare professionals to check a patient’s weight while performing a lift. And TRAM can be operated by a single caregiver, making it even more appealing, especially in busy healthcare settings.
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