MULTICHAIR 6000Tilt Pediatric

MULTICHAIR 6000Tilt Pediatric

Environment: Bathroom & Beyond

The bathroom’s typically small confines — not to mention its slippery-whenwet surfaces — can make performing activities of daily living a real trial for kids and caregivers. The MULTICHAIR 6000Tilt system seeks to make life a little easier for everyone by giving parents a safe and convenient way to slide kids into a standard bathtub. Tilt abilities (up to 30°) combined with a center-of-gravity design help kids to stay properly positioned the entire time.

Why It’s for Tweens & Teens: Three sizing options can accommodate kids all the way into adulthood, while mom and dad only replace the seat cushion and backrest instead of the entire system. The lightweight aluminum system stores quickly in an easy-to-take-along carrying case.

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