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Transfers aren’t the only things that get tougher as kids reach their tweens and teens. So does gaining access into walking devices. Rifton’s TRAM performs multiple functions to assist with transfers and support ambulation. The circumferential body support holds the tween’s or teen’s trunk in an upright position, while easy-to-attach thigh straps comfortably hold the weight of his or her legs. The result is a simple seat-to-seat transfer. And the TRAM supports ambulation via the walking saddle. A tween with a chest height of just 30.5" when standing can comfortably walk with the TRAM — and the TRAM keeps supporting kids up to 6'4".

Why It’s for Tweens & Teens: The body support can snug up as small as a 22" girth, but it can also hold someone with as much as a 60" girth. The TRAM’s weight capacity is 350 lbs.

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