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No two kids are exactly alike — so TiLite custom configures each of its new Twist ultralightweight rigid chairs specifically for its user. What every Twist has: an aluminum, monotube growable frame. The 1" tubing enables easy installation of seating components, while TiLite’s Tru-Fit system reduces the number of the holes in the frame to enhance durability and reduce setup time. Change the front seat height without changing casters or forks thanks to the caster arm’s built-in adjustment. DASH high-performance rear wheels are sized for kids.

Why It’s for Tweens & Teens: Seat widths are offered in 8-15" sizes; with seat depths of 8-16", a kid can truly stay in his or her Twist throughout childhood.

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2014:

For its customization and light weight for young children with myelomeningocele.

— Karla Pezzarossi, DPT, Supervisor for Early Intervention Services, Children’s Village, Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital, Wash.

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