Innovation in Motion

Frontier V6 Pediatric Super-Compact

V6 Frontier Super Compact

Environment: Mobility, Indoors & Outdoors

A member of Innovation In Motion’s Frontier power chair line — renowned for its all-terrain abilities — this versatile chair combines rugged durability with a smaller footprint for enhanced maneuverability indoors. It accepts rehab and MPS seating, and can be equipped with power options such as recline, seat elevator, 50° tilt and legrests.

Why It’s for Tweens & Teens: Switch out the bogie and floater arms, and change the drive wheels and casters to enable the tween or teen to keep the same chair while accommodating their growth. The weight capacity is 242 lbs. vs. a weight capacity of 400 lbs. for other Frontier models.

  • (800) 327-0681

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