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Zippie Zone

Zippie Zone

Environment: Mobility, Indoors & Outdoors

An ultralightweight rigid chair created to keep up with active and growing kids, the Zippie Zone includes 3" of built-in frame depth growth and 2" of built-in seat sling growth. As the backrest is adjusted in frame depth to accommodate growth, the rear wheel axle moves along with it to provide optimal access to the wheel at all ages and stages. Frame width growth is accomplished by simply replacing four tubes.

Why It’s for Tweens & Teens: The Zone is built for serious growth — in widths 8-16" and depths 8-18" — with a 165-lb. weight capacity. It’s available in all 23 frame colors and patterns off ered in adult manual Quickies for adults; when kids outgrow the colorful Zippie spoke guards, they can graduate to sleek Quickie spoke guards.

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