Spinergy Inc.

ZX-1 Power Add On

ZX1 Power Add On

We’ve been waiting for this one since taking it on a joyride last spring. Spinergy’s ZX-1 Power Add On gives high-performance manual wheelchair users the ability to push geographical boundaries without pushing their shoulders past their limits. The ZX-1 clamps onto the frame of a rigid manual chair — a super-quick process — and then provides joystick-controlled driving thanks to its self-contained power base. The Power Add On has a five-mile range with a top speed of 4 mph, and weighs just 87 lbs. Handling wise, it’s highly nimble and retains an ultralight’s maneuverability skills. When the consumer wants to go back to self propelling, he/she just hits one button to release the ZX-1. Yup, it’s just that fast. — Laurie Watanabe

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