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TRU-Balance 3 Power Positioning System

TRU-Balance 3

The TRU-Balance 3 Power Positioning System is designed to meet the many varied and complex seating needs a client might have. It features modular tilt, recline, scissor-style lift and an articulating foot platform. Seat depth, width, back height, multi-axis armrests and center of gravity can all be easily adjusted. The TRU-Balance 3 has a 300-lb. weight capacity and is available in seat sizes starting at 12x12" up to 24x24".

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2014:

Not only can you order the seat width independent of the back width, but you can also easily retrofit the TB3 power tilt, recline and scissor lift systems onto the client’s existing Quantum Q6 Edge as needed. TB3 achieves 50° of tilt, up to 175° of recline and 10" of lift, all without increasing the seat-to-floor height. These power seat functions can be ordered separately or as a combination with tilt and recline; lift and tilt; or lift, tilt and recline. All TB3 power positioning systems come standard with cantilever armrests that can be easily rotated internally or externally, with the user in the chair and the tools provided for optimal positioning. In addition, fine tuning adjustments in seat width, depth and center of gravity position over the base, as well as back height, width and depth, are also easily made to achieve the exact fit customers are looking for without spending additional time or resources trying to achieve that goal.

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