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Accu-Fit Back

Accu-Fit Back

This made-to-order contoured back is designed to give support to wheelchair users exactly where they need it, and makes it possible to combine functional posture with comfort. A modular lateral support system makes it easy to attain the desired fit. Features Quick Clamp angle-adjustable removable brackets, track mount double-slotted brackets, three standard lateral sizes to choose from, adjustable/removable lumbar support, and a zippered closure Dartex cover.

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2014:

I wouldn't put this on an ultralight chair, but for positioning it gives you a huge amount of wiggle room. You can have any width and any height. You can choose the standard-sized laterals, which can be moved in and out, up or down individually - or make your own size, but if you screwed up and have tools, it's an easy fix.

You can start the laterals at the bottom of the back or raise them for redundant tissue. You can get between the rails on the back or full width and change the angle from standard to whatever you want. Pick your foam from a large variety of quality choices. Pour a foam-in-place and if you don't like it, slide it out and do it over. There is a large choice of fabrics for covers and a new over-cover that can be removed and washed and is almost idiot proof when putting it back on (I say "almost idiot proof" because everyone in the industry knows what I mean). If you want a back that you can do almost anything with, this one works great.

- Ellen Russell, ATP, CRTS, Matheny Rehab, Peapack, N.J.

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