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AirLogic Trunk Support

AirLogic Truck Support

"Controlled stretching" enhances the durability of AEL's AirLogic Trunk Supports, which are built to be breathable, comfortable and easy to use and wear, and easy to clean while standing up to the needs of today's active consumer. Thanks to a design using breathable fabrics and structural layers, air movement is maximized for a dry and comfortable fit. The AirLogic's panel design allows stretching while protecting the binding and panel from separating. AirLogic Trunk Supports are available in Stretch, Non-Stretch and Zippered designs.

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2014:

This is a great shoulder harness for women. Along with keeping the shoulders back, it allows air to flow around it. Also, their Web site is very easy to navigate, and their quote system is very easy and quick, and you get three different sheets for insurance purposes.

- Karen Bussey, ATP, Target Medical Sales, Smith's Grove, Ky.

  • (866) 656-1486

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