Open Sesame

Door Opening System

Door Opening System

By touching a button, wheelchair and mobility equipment users can have complete independence when entering and exiting their homes. The Open Sesame system unlatches locked doors, opens them, pauses to allow the consumer to enter, then closes the doors. The doors can be operated via a range of wheelchair-mounted remote controls, wall push pads or other specialty controls. Open Sesame also makes systems for commercial applications to make businesses and public buildings more accessible as well.

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2014:

While the Open Sesame Door System is not new to the marketplace, it has gone through several innovations that make it noteworthy. At the "touch of a button," the wheelchair rider is able to unlatch their locked door, open it, enter or exit their home, close it and relock the door independently. It comes standard with a remote control, similar to a garage door opener, which can be hand held or mounted to the wheelchair. Open Sesame also offers remote controls that can be connected to specialty switches and power wheelchair controls, or customized to operate with alternative activation devices such as X-10 home control systems or other environmental controls to accommodate individuals with a range of disabilities. 
The Open Sesame Door System is battery powered and includes a plug-in wall transformer and low-voltage wiring kit that constantly charges the internal battery. This operates off a standard electrical outlet, and the system now has a standard built-in battery backup in the event of a power outage. This important safety feature provides the wheelchair user with full power operation of their door, allowing them to get in and out of their home for several hours.

- Julie Piriano, PT, ATP/SMS, Director of Rehab Affairs, Pride Mobility Products/Quantum Rehab

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