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Created to provide maximum stability and skin protection, the JAY GS cushion also features built-in growth for wheelchair users at moderate to high risk of skin breakdown who need more positioning support. A contoured closed-cell foam base is the foundation that can be easily modified at Sunrise Medical or by a seating professional in the field. Pelvic Loading Area inserts can be removed as client grows. The base is topped by JAY Flow Fluid that conforms to the user's body shape and adjusts to sitting positions to ensure proper fluid placement under bony prominences. The JAY GS is available with AirExchange or Moisture-Resistant cover options.

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2014:

We generally buy it by piece and change out the gel for an Akton grid pad or Gel Ovations. We deal with many children, and try as we might, they grow. With all of the accessories available, we can keep the kid in the cushion for quite a few years. The well depth can be heightened for a small child, and all of the positioning accessories can be moved on Velcro to grow the cushion. You can cut LLD cuts, shorten the femur length, do pelvic obliquity accommodations and glue it back together if you have had a bad day with the turkey knife (however, suggestions on replacements of the turkey knife would be welcome).

I know that there are a few newer cushions that have places to put in adductors, hip guides, etc., but the options for the locations are limited. With the funding as limited as it is, this cushion gives you a lot of bang for your buck - especially for kids, when the funding source laughs at you because whatever you supplied only lasted two years. We get good positioning, good pressure relief and major adjustability with this base.

- Ellen Russell, ATP, CRTS, Matheny Rehab, Peapack, N.J.

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