M300 Corpus HD

M300 with Corpus 3G

A 20-inch turning radius means the M300 mid-wheel-drive power chair is nimble even in tight spaces; a 6-mph standard or optional 7.5-mph top speed gives the consumer the power to get where they need to go. Plus, the patent-pending Climbing and Traction Link system gives the M300 plenty of obstacle-climbing capabilities: 3 inches forward, 2 inches in reverse. And the Corpus 3G seating - with up to 50 degrees of standard tilt, up to 175 degrees of power recline, and 8-inch seat elevation - supports a range of postural and functional needs.

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2014:

The ability to specify the seat width separately from the back width enables you to keep the overall width of the chair narrower for most customers. The ability to specify it with 6" caster wheels enables you to have the footplate at a tighter angle, shortening the overall length and compacting the turning radius. I've provided dozens of customers with this power wheelchair, and none have been disappointed. This is currently the gold standard for Group 3 mid-wheel-drive power wheelchairs.

- Luke Moore, ATP/SMS, CRTS, Provider Plus Inc., St. Louis, Mo.

  • (800) 736-0925

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