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Mustang Gait Trainer

Mustang Gait Trainer

Let's get moving! The Mustang provides proper positioning and support for children learning to step or walk, and can be used as an anterior or posterior gait trainer. It offers upper-body support and adjustable angle positioning for forward tilt (anterior configuration) and full upright support in the posterior configuration. To fit the evolving needs of kids, the Mustang has positioning accessories to provide more support, but they're also removable as a child makes progress. With four sizes - and growability - the Mustang is built to fit everyone from little kids to much bigger ones (176-lb. weight capacity in the largest size).

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2014:

Much more compact compared to large Bronco styles.

- Karla Pezzarossi, DPT, Supervisor for Early Intervention Services, Children's Village, Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital, Wash.

  • (800) 336-7684

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