Anterior Tilt (F3/F5 Power Bases)

Anterior Tilt (F3/F5 Power Bases)

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2015:

Anterior tilt as a power seat function has had limited availability in the industry and is not currently coded under the PDAC coding system. Despite these things, anterior tilt can provide exceptional benefits to wheelchair users both functionally and physiologically. For some, just a small change in orientation anteriorly can effectively manage tone and abnormal reflexes, which can often interfere with function. In addition, small amounts of anterior tilt lowers front seat-to-floor height and can be the difference between getting under a table/desk or being limited by the lower extremities. Many power wheelchair users would be able to use anterior tilt to assist with functional reach, making the user independent with performing mobility-related ADLs including self-care, hygiene, cooking, cleaning, laundry and much more! It is amazing how much access is improved with just 20° of anterior tilt! Even further, there are individuals who need to transfer out of their power wheelchair, but just don’t have the strength to do so. The 45° stand-pivot transfer package is ideal to assist with this task — making transfers much easier and allowing them to be performed independently.

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