Zing MPS

Zing MPS

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2016:

This stander is great with the early intervention population. It is easy to put the child into it in supine and then in one movement, without having to move hardware, tray, etc., you can go into prone. This makes it easier to place the child into the stander. Also, it is the only stander this small that has the ability to abduct each hip up to 30°. As hip abduction has been shown to be protective for hip dislocation risk, this is a real plus!

— Lauren E. Rosen, PT, MPT, MSMS, ATP/SMS, St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2015:

EasyStand has always led the industry when it comes to separate standing devices. Not only is the EasyStand Zing MPS a great-looking stander…it offers so much flexibility that many users will be able to benefit from its fantastic, well-thought-out features. One of my favorite things about this stander is that it allows the client to stand in up to 30° of hip abduction, which is supported in the research to promote hip alignment, stability and health. All adjustments are unilateral and can accommodate asymmetries in the client’s lower-extremity range of motion as well. This stander can also be used as a supine, upright or prone stander without any cumbersome and time-consuming adjustment to the stander. It is an ideal solution for small children who need to stand for health and function, as the size 1 unit can support children from infancy up to 44” and 70 lbs. Way to go, EasyStand…this stander is a slam dunk!

— Amy Morgan, PT, ATP, Permobil, Lebanon, Tenn.

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